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Innocence. It’s delicate. Out of focus. Beautiful.


Mandala Musings

Stare at something long enough and you might start to see things that are not technically there. This phenomenon can be explained in several ways. One, is that our eyes are not perfect. Another, is that man lies (to others and to himself).

Here’s a third theory: what you see is inside of you.

The mandala has been used by various traditions as a conduit to enlightenment. Focus upon it, and let the magic begin. The basic form of most mandalas is a square with a circle inside of it.

The one pictured here is composed of five photographs. Can you identify the different layers? If you look at it long enough and have sufficient spiritual training, does your meditation of this mandala help you reach new, deeper levels of enlightenment?

“I don’t know, it looks like an ugly picture to me,” says the nonbeliever.

“You’re in it too,” I reply, which sends him into a tailspin.

Hell Bent

This piece was accepted at the 49th Founders Juried Awards Exhibition in the Von Liebig Art Center, judged by Diane Camber, director emeritus of The Bass Museum of Art with a long-standing involvement at Miami Art Basel.

I call him “Six Eyes”

Juice Break

One day, she will be the president or a neurosurgeon. Until then, a juice break.

Hat Crimes


This one’s a no-brainer.