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Innocence. It’s delicate. Out of focus. Beautiful.


Juice Break

One day, she will be the president or a neurosurgeon. Until then, a juice break.

Las Vegas for Kids

What happens on the merry-go-round, stays on the merry-go-round.

She cannot tell a lie.

Believe her when she says, “I love strawberry ice cream!”

Portrait: Capped Boy With Gum

Full Circle

What makes you feel young again?

I wasn’t your usual kid. The carnival didn’t impress me. It was dusty and loud. The rides seemed unsafe. Except for cotton candy, the food was forgettable. But for a photographer, the carnival is a treasure chest. Neon lights. Smiling children. The scarred faces of carnies. Stuffed animals and rubber duckies. It’s all visual cotton candy! I snap pictures incessantly, hopping and skipping like the normal kid I finally have become at 46.

Thelma and Louise

Best friends forever.